Photo credit – Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images


Put respect on their names!

Hip hop legends Biggie and the Wu-Tang Clan are getting their own street names! Considering the legacy they’ve left in hip hop, this is WELL OVERDUE!

Biggie’s street, named Christopher Wallace Way, will be in Brooklyn of course. The Wu-Tang Clan District will be in Staten Island.

There’s just one more step in making this complete. Mayor Bill de Blasio has to sign off on it. Allowing hip hop to be stapled into the culture with a street name is a major accomplishment.

Loyal and longtime NYC resident LeRoy McCarthy is responsible for trying to get legends in hip hop their own street names. Reported on NPR, “he also led the naming of Sylvia Robinson Place in New Jersey, which is dedicated to the founder of Sugar Hill Records, as well as Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor Way in New York, which recognizes the late member of a Tribe Called Quest.”

This is a MAJOR move! Will you be visting the street names?