Boss Don Diva is a Up and coming Hip Hop artist. Boss Don Diva was born and raised in BRONX N.Y.. My love begin with the sounds of Robert Palmer addicted 2 love,it was something about the sounds that just drawn me to the world of music.I became to be obsessed with diff Artist of diff genres of music.

I eventually developed the abilities to write at the age of 8 years old. i was always known for my poetry from young all though school up until about 14 years old I discovered my format of rap and just been addicted to it ever since , I build a name for myself eventually by branding with great companies such as Elegant Hoodness, Cypher City TV Young fly flashy, Wavy entertainment  stock and bonds BX or nothing and Great Mindz just to name a few. You can find my music on soundcloud and reverbnation and soon come my anticipated mix tape Bronx Tales hosted by a very well known DJ that spins  on 105.1 New York.